Gender preconceptions hinder women’s career advancement

By PwC Hong Kong | Thursday, 10 Jan 2019

Hong Kong is a modern international city. However, a recent survey by PwC reveals that women in Hong Kong is lagging behind other developed markets in the representation of leadership positions.

While women comprise 52% of entry level positions, the proportion falls to approximately 33% at the senior management level and declines further to 21% at board level. 

Lack of career progression plays a significant role in women’s decisions to leave a company

73% of the surveyed organisations said “lack of career progression” and other career opportunities are the top reasons why women leave their organisations; only 21% of organisations listed “lack of childcare caregiver options” or “cultural pressure to stay at home” among the top reasons why women leave their organisation.

Senior women perceive a pay gap disparity

Despite corporate views of pay equality, 73% of senior female employees felt that senior women do not earn as much as senior men whereas only 23% of senior men agreed with that statement. 

Leadership buy-in drives greater impact for gender parity

While diversity recruitment measures are necessary to increase female representation in senior positions, greater impact can be achieved through top-down cultural changes.

Gender equality and inclusion in the workplace requires organisations to not only set the tone from the top, but also engage their line managers and middle-management. This will create a sustainable shift in the cultural mindset that runs through the organisation. 

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