[TEMPLATE] Preventive measures against epidemic disease

Wednesday, 03 Apr 2019

Every once in a while a new disease breaks out, which can have a severe impact on business. Taking preventative steps is the most important thing that HR professionals and employers can do to keep flu, common cold and lately measles out of the office.

At some point you will need to send an email to all your colleagues or employees to raise their awareness of the recent pandemic and remind them of the importance of preventative measures.

Here is a template that employers and HR professionals can utilise in the workplace to minimise the impact of epidemic diseases. Feel free to change the wording in the square brackets [ ] to adapt it to your specific situation.



Subject: Preventive measures against [measles]


Dear colleagues,

With growing numbers of reported cases of [measles] infection in Hong Kong, the Company and all of us need to take additional precautionary measures to protect ourselves and our family.

The [admin] team will spray the office with disinfectant [every morning], and arrange more frequent cleaning of [public areas]. As a reminder, [face masks and alcohol wipes] are available in [meeting rooms and reception area]. Additional face masks are also available with each department. Please reach out to the [admin] team if replenishment is required.

Here are some quick tips on prevention of measles (courtesy of the Department of Health).

  • Take vaccination
  • Be mindful of personal hygiene
  • If you develop symptoms, seek medical attention and refrain from work

More information is available on the webpage on measles at the Centre For Health Protection.

Stay safe at the office and on business trips.


HR Department


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