About cpjobs Token

What is cpjobs Token?

cpjobs Token is the digital currency in cpjobs Recruitment Platform for recruiters to purchase different features

How much do Tokens cost?

Each token costs and values HKD80. There are a variety of Token bundles available for purchase. Additional promotional offers are made available on a regular basis and customized packages are available upon request. Contact our Account Servicing team for more info:
Email: advertise@cpjobs.com
Hotline: 852- 3619 9600

Which features require Tokens?

You can spend on up to 15 features with your Tokens according to your hiring needs. Find out the 15 features here: https://hr.cpjobs.com/employer-products#what-features

How many Tokens do I need and how to purchase them?

Contact our Account Servicing team for more info:
Email: advertise@cpjobs.com
Hotline: 852- 3619 9600

Are the Tokens refundable?

The Tokens are non-refundable. The Token is a universal currency in our Recruitment Platform that gives you flexibility to spend on any feature according to your hiring needs. Talk to your Account Manager to learn more.

Job Posting Info

How can I default my company info?

You can default your company name, company description, logo, and additional info in POST JOBS > Setting > Defaults

What is the difference between Company Name and Display Name?

Company Name should be same as that on the Business Registration Certificate or the equivalent document.
Display Name can be same as the company name or any brand name under your company.

Can I create different company info for a different ad?

Go to POST JOBS > Setting > Defaults to set up different Company Display Names, Logos, Company Descriptions and Additional info for your job ads. Once the information is set up successfully, you can create your job ad faster and more easily by selecting the info from the drop-down lists on Basic Job Info when create job.

Manage Jobs

What is the difference between Copy and Copy Publish?

to copy a previous job ad and automatically saved as a new draft ad. You can edit and schedule the publish date manually.
to copy a job ad and publish it immediately.

Can I make changes to my ad when the ad is live?

Job Title is strictly unchangeable once the ad is published; while other job content can be edited within 5 days after publishing.

How do I cancel my job ad?

The ad will expire on their own after 30 days. You cannot delete a job once the ad is posted, but you can expire your ad to end it from running.

I have successfully hired for an advertised position, how can I take down the ad?

Go to Manage Jobs page, select the ad you want to expire by checking the box on the left, and then select the appearing below the menu.

How can I resume an expired job ad?

You cannot resume the ad once it is expired, but you can copy the ad and schedule to publish it as a new ad.

Can I import the job ads I posted on other job listing websites?

To make life easier for you, we provide Auto Job Import function that allows you to import your job ads on third-party recruitment websites and publish them on cpjobs for you automatically. Go to POST JOBS > Setting > Auto Job Import to enable the function now!

I just added a new company display name, but now my job ad is put on hold, what happened?

Verification by our team is required for each newly added company display name to ensure the name accurately represents the hiring employer. The procedure normally takes about 2 working days. You can contact our Customer Service team to follow up on the status.
You can use your previously approved company display name to publish your job ads.

How to pin my job ad to the top?

You can upgrade your job ad to Priority Listing with cpjobs Token. Your job ad will to be highlighted and shown amongst the top 5 search results for increased exposure.

How can I redirect candidates on cpjobs to apply on my company’s job board/website?

All applications are processed on cpjobs by default. If you wish to send candidates to apply on your company website, you can upgrade your job ad by adding the Redirect URL for Applications when you’re creating your job ad. It’s a paid feature which cpjobs Tokens will be required.

Manage & Review Applications

Manage & Review Applications?

A notification email will be sent to the email address stated in the Email For Receiving Applications field of your job ad. If the field is left blank, the notification email will be sent to the Primary Contact. You can update the Primary Contact’s info on Account Setting > User.
You can also view the number of applications received for each job on the Manage Jobs page.

I have not received any application notification email.

A notification email will be sent to the email address stated in the Email For Receiving Applications field of your job ad. If the field is left blank, the notification email will be sent to the Primary Contact. If you have not received the notification email, you can:
  1. Check if your email address is listed in the Email For Receiving Applications field of your job ad;
  2. If the above was left blank, please check if the emails are sent to the Primary Contact. You can check the Primary Contact’s info on Account Setting > User;
  3. Check your Spam / Junk email folder. We recommend you to add cpjobs.com in your ‘Approved Sender’ list to avoid accidentally filtering our future messages.

I have received the application notification email, but where can I get the applicant’s CV?

Once you click on the link in the notification email, it’ll direct you to the application page. You can preview the highlights or even sample pages of the applicant’s CV before you decide to download the CV by clicking on the Application Download button.

Can I bookmark the candidate’s application and view / download later?

You can bookmark and shortlist your applicants by clicking on the button.

Can I download multiple applications in one batch?

Yes, you can. Simply select the applications you wish to download, then click on the
Download button and select a destination to save the files. You can even select all applications by checking the Check All check box and download all applications in one batch.

If I am not interested in an applicant for the position after viewing the profile, how can I remove or delete it?

Removing or deleting an applicant from your list is not possible. However, you may mark an applicant as unsuitable by clicking Unsuitable on the top right button section.

I do not want to receive any application from a candidate for any of my job postings. What can I do?

If you wish NOT to receive any further application from a specific candidate for any of your job posting in the future, you can click on the Block icon next to his/her application.

Where can I review my Candidate Blocklist?

Go to POST JOBS > Setting > Candidate Blocklist. You can remove any of them from the list by checking the box next to the name and click on the Remove from blocklist button above.

How to Forward applications?

You can refer an application received to another user with this function. Simply enter the name of the internal users (who also has access to the same account) or the email addresses that you would like them to check out the application.
The internal user will receive an email with the link to the referred application sent on behalf of you.
If you invite external users by email address, the applicant’s CV will be attached in the invitation email.
cpjobs Tokens will be required for this forward action if the application has not be downloaded before.

I can only view applications forwarded by other internal users. Why?

Your access right is limited to your user type assigned by Recruiter Admin. Please request your Recruiter Admin to change your access right if necessary.

There are 3 User Types with different rights and roles:
Recruiter Admin: can view and manage users, jobs, applications, purchase tokens and use tokens to purchase features
Recruiter: can view and manager jobs and applications and use tokens to purchase features
Interviewer: can view applications forwarded by either Recruiter or Recruiter Admin and purchase features with tokens

I’m using ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to receive applications. Does it work with cpjobs?

If you have an ATS and wish to connect it to cpjobs to receive applications, please contact your account manager to learn more. You can find your account manager’s name, email address and phone number in the Contact Us box at the right bottom of the Home page (POST JOBS > Home).

About cpTalent

What is cpTalent?

cpTalent will automatically recommend candidates to you according to your active job ad posted on cpjobs. You can also search proactively and connect directly with candidates whose experience and skills match your recruitment needs.

Where can I find the recommended candidates that match my jobs posted on cpjobs?

You can access to the matched candidate list easily on cpTalent’s dashboard.
Or you can go to My Jobs which lists all you active jobs. Click on the number badge will direct you to the matched candidate list of the corresponding job.

What do the coloured number badges represent?

There are 2 coloured number badges that represent different match level. Yellow represents the match of a candidate’s current job title and your advertised job title. Green represents a full match of a candidate’s profile and your job requirements.

It says “unlock to gain full access” on the candidate profile page. How to unlock?

Profile Download is a feature which requires to be purchased by cpjobs Token. Once you click on “unlock to gain full access” or the download CV icon at the right top corner of the profile, a Profile Download confirmation window will pop up. You’ll be able to view the full candidate profile and download the candidate’s CV (if available) after the successful purchase.

Some of the candidate profiles are not available but they are on the matched candidate list and I would like to reach out to them. What can I do?

You can send a profile request to the candidate whose profile visibility status is set as Anonymous. Click on the Request button to send the message right away. You can check the status easily on Dashboard or on the Candidates Manager page.

What is Aptitude Chart?

Aptitude Chart is your digital resume analyzer to easily capture the candidates’ qualification at a glance. Discover your search result on the chart by Work Experience, Education Level and Top 10 Skills. You can click on the legend to filter your result.

What is Candidate Activeness?

Candidate Activeness is an indicator showing the recency of a candidate’s activeness on cpjobs. The higher of the activeness, the higher chance that you will get a reply quickly from the candidate.

What is Position Match Score?

On Candidate’s Profile page:
Position Match Score
is an accuracy indicator on candidate’s competitiveness towards your job ads on cpjobs. The higher score, the more is the candidate matching with you job.

Account Details & Settings

How can I add a new user account for my staff?

If you are a Recruiter Admin, you can add new user, assign the user role and their access right. Once you’ve logged in, you can click on the hamburger buttonand select Account Setting. Go to User.

To Add New User:
  1. Click + Add New User
  1. Fill out the information required
  2. Click Save
Once the new user is successfully created, the user will receive a system email with the account information.

How can I change my password?

User can reset the password by click on Forgot the password? A password reset email will be sent to your registered email. Please follow the step to reset the password. If you do not receive the email within a few minutes after request, please check your Junk Mail folder just in case the email got delivered there instead of your inbox.

How can I retrieve my login username or password?

The login username is your registered email address. If you have forgotten the email address you registered with us, please contact our Customer Service for assistance.
If you’ve forgotten your login password, click on Forgot the Password? link in the login box and follow the instructions to reset your password.

Can I change my company name?

You will be required to submit the related document (e.g. Certificate of Change of Name) and a valid Business Registration Certificate with the new company name to us for verification. Please contact our Customer Service team at cs@cpjobs.com / 3619 9600 for details.

Can I add my subsidiary company in my account?

You can add a different Display Name for the subsidiary company in POST JOBS > Setting > Defaults. Our Customer Service team may contact you to get extra information for verification.

Can I limit the access right for particular job ads?

Recruiter Admin can assign access right for job ads of a specified department. The account user with an assigned department can view and manage job ads of the specified department(s) only.

To edit your Departments list:
  1. Go to POST JOBS > Account Setting > Departments;
  2. Select appropriate departments from the list on the left-hand side; or add one if you cannot find it on the list, then click on the Save button.
To assign Department(s) to a user:
  1. Go to Account Setting > User;
  2. Select the user and click on the Edit button;
  3. Select the department(s) you want to assign from the drop-down menu in Department and then Save.

Where can I check/update my email subscription settings?

Go to POST JOBS > Account Setting > Communication, you can review and change your email subscription status there anytime.

Contact Support

I have an urgent position to fill, what can I do?

cpjobs offers a wide range of recruitment solutions. Contact your account manager to find out more.

Where can I find my account manager’s contact information?

You can find your account manager’s name, email address and phone number in the Contact Us box at the right bottom of POST JOBS > Home page.

Did not find what you were looking for?

For job posting enquiries or assistance:
Customer Service Hotline:
Tel: 3619 9600 (M-F 9am-6pm)
Email: cs@cpjobs.com

For premium sales packages or tailor-made solutions:
Account Service Hotline:
Tel 3619 9600 (M-F 9am-6pm)
Email: advertise@cpjobs.com